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Sequence is the hub where your media operations teams collaborate. Be in complete control of your Video On-Demand workflow. Sequence helps you ensure that every title ends up on the right screen at the right time.

Sequence features


  • Create jobs with a list of tasks and assets
  • Add/remove tasks and assets from existing jobs
  • Workflow templates Create jobs based on templates with predefined lists of tasks and assets.
  • Assign job tasks to individual users
  • Mark tasks as completed/uncompleted
  • Mark assets as received or not
  • Claim assets as not received
  • Save basic job data: title, licensor and tags
  • Define a due date and end date for each job
  • Create multiple jobs in bulk With the UI or by using an Excel file.
  • Send notifications by email To claim pending assets assets, to request replacements for unusable assets or to notify that assets are ready.
  • Time-track each task for billing purposes
  • Attach notes to jobs
  • Attach problems report to jobsAnd mark them as outstanding or resolved.
  • Audit log Keep track of all changes in a job: who did what and when.
  • Powerful search Filter by status (pending, going on air, going off air, online), title, with problems, licensor, assignment, asset name, task name, tags
  • Operate with multiple assets in bulk Mark as received, mark as not received, delete and notify.
  • Operate with multiple tasks in bulkMark as completed, mark as not completed, assign to user, delete or add a task to multiple jobs.
  • Operate with multiple jobs in bulk Rename, change dates, change provider, change tags and delete.
  • Operate with problems in bulk Add problems to multiple jobs.
  • Operate with notes in bulk
  • Organise jobs in separated work areas
  • Mark jobs as reviewed
  • Create, rename, remove and change position of tags
  • Dashboard Overview of the work due today, in 7 days, and in 30 days; with pending tasks, waiting for assets, with problems and ready. And the list of tasks assigned to the current user in the dashboard.
  • Notify users by email when a task is assigned to them
  • Access to a full historical record of deleted job
  • Create announcements for all users
  • To display the next time the log in
  • Weekly summary newsletter Opt-in to receive weekly updates on the work done every week.


  • Generate Excel/CSV exports of completed tasks Filtering by name, the presence of duration, completion and due date, assignee, and tags.
  • Manage the status of task invoices: open and closed
  • Group completed tasks in invoices And generate Excel and CSV exports of the tasks of each invoice.

User management

  • Easily invite multiple users at once By sending an invitation via emails, and specifying whether the user has access to Movida, Sequence or both and its role (full access or limited).
  • Browse active/invited users in the current account
  • Deactivate an existing user from the current account
  • Integrate with external identity providers (e.g., Okta) for Single Sign-On (SSO) with the SAML protocol
  • Users can set their own name, login and password
  • Group users in teamsUnlimited teams can be created, they are identified by a name and the same user can be member of multiple teams. Ability to rename or remove teams. User access can be restricted to specific work areas.


  • Powerful HTTP API Create, read, update and delete any entity in Movida's data model via a secure, authenticated, RESTful web service HTTP API.
  • Extensive documentationAvailable at docs.bebanjo.com
  • React to changeFetch an event feed with all the changes of any resource. Or we can publish Amazon SQS messages into your message-based architecture.

Sequence can be used as a standalone product, and it integrates natively with Movida, Metadata and Reporter.

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