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Sequence is the hub where your media operations teams collaborate. Be in complete control of your Video On-Demand workflow. Sequence helps you ensure that every title ends up on the right screen at the right time.

Sequence overview

Sequence helps you manage your VOD media operations efficiently. Activities such as ordering materials, transcoding, metadata preparation, QC, delivery... are usually done by multiple teams in multiple places. Sequence is a web application enabling real-time collaboration. With Sequence you can prioritise jobs, assign tasks and escalate problems in a few clicks.

Sequence is seamlessly integrated with Movida, our Scheduling and Rights Management product, but you can also use it standalone. Integration with your existing systems is straightforward using our powerful APIs.

Sequence ensures that your content correctly reaches its destination screen, on time, every time. It does this by breaking down the barriers between your operational teams, content providers, and vendors; letting them work together effectively to manage and complete the many tasks required every day by your media operations.

Working in Sequence

In Sequence you define workflow templates describing the materials and tasks required to deliver your content to a platform or content partner. You will have as many templates as typical ways of managing media in your organisation: SD, HD, captured from live...

Each job in Sequence is based on a workflow template and has a start date, end date, and due date. By tracking the materials and tasks against these dates you always know, in real-time, the current status of your operations. You can easily see who is working on what, whether jobs have problems, and most importantly whether there is a risk of titles being delivered late.

You can of course add, or remove, materials and tasks at any time to existing jobs. This lets you handle those situations where something unexpected happens and you need to deviate from your typical workflow.

Workflow templates in Sequence

Workflow templates in Sequence are very flexible and powerful

Stay in control

We’ve worked hard to make Sequence simple but powerful, so you don’t have to work hard to stay in control.

The Overview page is a dashboard that lets you see at glance: the number of titles that are due today or within the next seven days, historical performance, and processed vs. scheduled titles per day and more.

You can also review the on air in time versus late chart to analyse further your past operational performance. Identify patterns in your workflow and find where the problems are.

Sequence is full of little touches, like the weekly review email with operational performance for the previous seven days and upcoming work. Planning ahead is a breeze!

Overview page in Sequence

The Overview page lets you know how things are moving

Do the work

The Work page is the core of Sequence; it’s where you go to get things done. From here your team, suppliers, and vendors from all over the world can work together. You can tag, organise and filter your content quickly, and search everything in Sequence to find what you need in the blink of an eye.

As the QC team work through their tasks they might find problems, such as a bad transcode or missing subtitles. Instead of sending an email to another team they can simply log a problem against the title. Problems are instantly visible in the Work page and the problematic titles are also highlighted on the Overview page for the entire team to see.


Work done by machines (e.g., transcoding) can easily be initiated and tracked by Sequence, using our web service APIs. Automate more and more of your workflows over time, and Sequence will let your users focus on the exceptions that need human expertise.

Work page in Sequence

Keep on top of problems with Sequence's Work page

Jeux sans frontières

Sequence also helps you work more efficiently with your content providers. If the material required for a title is either late or unusable you can “claim” it from the relevant content provider.

Sequence will send them an email describing the problem and will also provide them with guest access (no username or password required) to a page in Sequence where they see all their scheduled titles that have pending materials.

No matter where in the world they are, and even though they aren’t Sequence users, your content providers can get to work solving your problems for you.

Handling problems in Sequence

Your content providers can get to work solving problems for you

Show me the money

Perhaps you need to cross-charge your services to other departments in your organisation, or maybe you need to charge a content provider for encoding? Sequence has a flexible reporting system to let you do this.

In the Reports page you can select processed tasks and add them to an invoice that can subsequently be exported as a CSV file or Excel document.

This lets you charge for the services provided by the systems integrated with Sequence. Imagine being easily able to cross-charge for encoding or transcoding time, with Sequence you really can say show me the money!

Sequence API

Everything a human can do in Sequence can be achieved using the API

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