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Reporter makes it easy to query data with the reporting tool of your choice. Your data is loaded into your own data warehouse in the cloud. Query, slice and dice to your heart’s content.

Reporter overview

The BeBanjo products let you produce reports out-of-the-box. These are standard reports that are valuable to most customers. For instance, the Rights Availability report – available out-of-the-box in Movida – lets you find all content for which you have rights available, for a given platform, over a given period

In addition, sophisticated users want to produce custom reports, slicing-and-dicing their data in creative ways. They want to get detailed insight into their operation, such as:

  • “How many hours of original content will I publish next month, platform by platform?”
  • “What are the CableLabs Asset IDs for all late deliveries last week?”
  • “What's the ratio of subtitled HD jobs with QC problems each month?"

Reporter lets you do precisely that.

Google’s Big Query

Query your data with the reporting tool of your choice

Your data, your way

Reporter is based on BigQuery – “Google’s fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics”. Your data held in the BeBanjo products (i.e., Movida, Sequence, and Metadata) is loaded by Reporter into your own data warehouse in the cloud.

The data warehouse is SQL-compliant, and integrates natively with all major reporting and business intelligence tools, such as Tableau, Excel, Qlik or Google Data Studio. The Reporter data model is well documented (e.g., with entity relationship diagrams (ERD)) and the BeBanjo teams can help you build the custom reports of your choice.

Importantly, the Reporter data warehouse delivers reporting performance at scale. Reporter handles today the extensive catalogue of major Hollywood studios. And, operationally, it is nicely decoupled from the main database of your BeBanjo products, ensuring a neat separation of concerns.

With Reporter, BeBanjo customers can find new ways of understanding and sharing the status of their VoD operations:

  • Creating custom reports
  • Publishing dashboards to internal teams
  • Publishing dashboards and reports to external partners, only including the subset of data they should see (e.g., to give an affiliate visibility of the next 6 weeks of upcoming schedules) producing massive data extracts in seconds
Reporter flow

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