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Movida is a complete and web-based scheduling solution for Video On-Demand services. Rights management and VOD scheduling across multiple platforms, devices and territories have never been easier.

Movida overview

Movida enables you to manage the editorial side of your on-demand business across multiple platforms, devices, business models and countries. You and your team just need to upload your content catalog, optionally record rights, and Movida will help you schedule accordingly in all of your platforms.

Movida means not having to worry about things outside of your control; it means knowing at all times whether you are scheduling all your content correctly or not; knowing that everyone else on the team will have access to the same exact information without having to rely on emails or Excel documents; that all teams will be driven by this very same information, because it has all been put together through a single and easy to use web application at the heart of your Video On-Demand world.

Start with content

In order to help put together a schedule, Movida needs titles! And it provides a great place to store them: a comprehensive Catalog that sits at its very heart.

You can specify the title, an optional External ID if you use your own identifiers, who you are licensing the content from, add thumbnails to quickly identify it, classify it with tags for enhanced filtering capabilities and, if what you are creating is a series, you'll be able to create its episodes quickly on the spot.

We know that our customers often receive their content or avails lists in Excel. If that is your case, your might want to try our mighty import process. Simply filling in the sample Excel document we provide, selecting it from our import page and hitting the import button will do the trick.

Catalog's landing page

Catalog's landing page provides easy access to all content

Recording rights

Some users want to be able to schedule content well in advance without knowing whether they will have the Rights for it; some other only schedule content once they are positive they have Rights for it.

Movida supports both approaches and it will always display what the Rights status is for any given piece of content on the schedule.

Normally rights involve a combination of parameters; for instance, a distributor might acquire rights for any platform and any device, but only for a given country. Or it might acquire rights just for Mobile devices as long as the business model is Advertising funded. All of these combinations are easy to specify when recording rights in Movida.

Right Description
Type Catch-up / On-Demand
Platform YouView, YouTube, etc.
Business model AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, etc.
Country UK, France, Spain, etc.
Device Roku, Mobile.
Utility Scheduled at the same time?
Exploitation Min/max number of days

Some of the rights supported by Movida

On-demand scheduling

On-Demand content can be scheduled in two ways: Going to that specific title or series and adding it to one or more schedules or using the visual schedule.

The visual schedule will let you modify a schedule just by dragging and dropping elements on the screen and will visually inform you of the rights status of each title.

Want to schedule catch-up content? We got you covered. The favourite feature of any Broadcaster (or Network), our Catch-up add-on drives automatic scheduling based on the Linear Schedule.

Learn more about the Catch-up add-on

Visual schedule

Visual scheduling as easy as drag and drop

Results and benefits

The main output of Movida is a comprehensive schedule across all platforms and territories that can be consumed in a number of ways, like:

  • Sending it to our Sequence product for the operations team to commence encoding, subtitling or transcoding operations.
  • Publishing scheduling information and metadata directly to the platforms in XML format for those users who use our Metadata product.
  • Consuming it through our RESTful web service APIs to drive other systems or consumer apps.
  • Simply exporting it to Excel to send to other people or departments.
Movida's API

Everything a human can do in Movida can be achieved using the API

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