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Metadata features

  • Flexible metadata schema Configure custom unlimited metadata fields for brands/shows, series/seasons, collections, titles, schedule entries, assets/versions, renditions, subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Hierarchical catalogue, with field inheritance and override
  • Support for external ID schemes such as EIDR.BeBanjo is an EIDR Contributor.
  • Organise metadata fields in groups E.g., group fields by language or by business unit.
  • Different metadata types Short text, long text, duration, datetime, enumeration, attachment, boolean and multiple.
  • Support for metadata in multiple languages Including non-latin characters and right-to-left writing.
  • Import/export metadata using an Excel file
  • Publish your VOD schedules metadata to external systems Metadata supports dozens of output formats, both industry standards (e.g., CableLabs, TV Anytime, EMA Avails) or bespoke.
  • Enforce custom metadata validation rules E.g.: "The genre must be present and the synopsis cannot be longer than 255 characters".
  • Filter VOD schedules by metadata status E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the iTunes schedule that have valid metadata".
  • Filter VOD schedules by metadata validation errors E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the iTunes schedule that are invalid because the genre is missing".
  • Filter VOD schedules by any metadata value E.g.: "Show me all the entries in the Netflix schedule where the series' genre is triller".
  • Filter VOD schedules by the publication status Never published, in progress, not in sync, failed, failed but previously published or published.
  • Detailed publication history Including the timestamp, payload, log and outcome (success/failure) of each publication/notification.
  • Enforce metadata validation against platform specifications
  • Streamline your metadata input work by defining default metadata values

Metadata can be used as a standalone product, and it integrates natively with Movida, Sequence and Reporter.

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