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Metadata overview

How can we enable a single user to publish thousands of titles to multiple VOD platforms with no mistake?

There is no universally adopted metadata standard, and every iTunes, YouTube and YouView out there expects your content in a different format, be it CableLabs, TV Anytime, EMA Avails or a bespoke specification...

Our Metadata product takes the pain away, and automates the validation, transformation and publication of your schedule and metadata to dozens of formats.

We take care of metadata in multiple languages, of text and images, of both editorial and technical metadata. You can focus on the editorial and commercial decisions, rather than wasting time fiddling with text editors and hand-crafted XML files.

The right metadata structure

After reviewing tens of metadata we spec, we have come up with a flexible title catalogue designed for premium film and TV content. The Metadata title catalogue is:

  • Deeply hierarchical. We support a hierarchy of brands, series, collections, episodes, playlists, editorial versions, technical renditions and more...
  • Highly configurable. At every level in the hierarchy we can configure metadata fields of your choice: text fields, drop-downs, booleans, dates...

Publishing content to several territories, in multiple languages? Pas de problème. All metadata is UTF-8 encoded and our Metadata product will gracefully handle non-Latin characters and right-to-left writing.

Finally, images are crucial to make your VOD services look good. The Metadata title catalog lets you manipulate and store images, perfectly organised. Say good bye to messy shared drives.

Metadata structure

Let's aggregate

And how do you create and update titles and metadata? There are three efficient ways to do so:

  • Through the intuitive user interface: filter and search, edit at different hierarchical levels to avoid duplication of entry, edit in bulk...
  • Through powerful Excel export / import functionality.
  • Through our RESTful web service APIs, for integration with third-party systems and partners.

In fact, most customers use all three methods of metadata entry together. Our Metadata product is a great place to aggregate metadata from multiple places, e.g.: from a media asset management system, a localisation partner, a picture editor...

Editing an episode

Editing titles through the user interface is a breeze


Title by title, platform by platform, we automatically check that your metadata fits the bill: have you filled in the German synopses for publication to Amazon Deutschland? are your series images in the correct aspect ratio for iTunes? Validation errors are clearly highlighted.

Powerful filtering capabilities make it easy for editors to identify and fix metadata validation errors weeks or even month ahead of publication. For instance, in a few clicks, Metadata can "Show all image validation errors for titles scheduled next month" or "Show all missing synopses for films licensed from Warner and scheduled on Spanish platforms".

Metadata validation

Find out whether your metadata is valid or not before you publish

Transformation and publication

Finally, Metadata transforms your data to the specific format of your target platforms. No need for your users to look at XML ever again. Still, the user interface gives them complete visibility of each publication, and the history of all metadata updates. Importantly, Metadata can apply the business rules of your choice at the point of transformation. For instance, if a synopsis is too long for publication to iTunes, we can either automatically truncate it, or flag a validation error for a metadata editor to manually correct. This gives you the exact balance of your choice, between editorial control and productivity.

Advanced platforms - such as YouView - provide acknowledgement of ingest and publication. We process and present those messages to your users in an intuitive way. At a glance, they can see - across all platforms - what's been successfully published where.

Spec XML Sample
Brightcove <short-description>Travis Bickle is an ex-Marine... </short-description>
YouView <Synopsis Length="short"> Travis Bickle is an ex-Marine... </Synopsis>
CableLabs3.0 <title:SummaryShort> Travis Bickle is an ex... </title:SummaryShort>
Orange TV <PCCAD_CD:ShortSummary> Travis Bickle is an ex... </PCCAD_CD_ShortSummary>

Example of how a few platforms expect to receive a synopsis

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