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Extend Movida, Metadata and Sequence with add-ons and APIs. Get more done and meet the specific needs of your business. Can’t be done out-of-the-box? Then it can be done through add-ons!

Catch-up add-on

The favourite feature of any Broadcaster (or Network), our Catch-up add-on drives automatic scheduling based on the Linear Schedule import of one or many TV channels.

The Catch-up section is organised as an inbox, where you can see what new linear content has been imported, whether it has already been scheduled or whether there are any rights conflicts that need to be solved. Rules-based scheduling with the Catch-up add-on is highly efficient and flexible. It allows for online premieres, episodic-specific rules, TX-specific rules, etc.

The Catch-up add-on receives Linear Schedules through the BeBanjo APIs. Integration with the traffic system of your choice is straightforward. BeBanjo’s Catch-up add-on is already integrated with all major vendors of linear scheduling systems.

Google’s Big Query or Tableau

Select content for VoD right from the linear schedule

Custom development

At the heart of BeBanjo’s offering is a set of SaaS products. And when we say “product”, we really mean it! All customers use exactly the same version of the software, hosted centrally. It’s a cost-effective and low-risk way of providing constantly improving out-of-the-box functionality, 24/7 support, disaster recovery, etc.

But we also know that each customer has unique needs, particularly around integrations, e.g., with traffic systems, MAMs or ad servers. To meet those needs, we present a set of rich and publicy-documented APIs.

The BeBanjo APIs are RESTful web services, secure and authenticated. They follow modern engineering principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA). Anyone can build customisations and integrations using our APIs. BeBanjo’s dedicated Projects team can do this for you. Or you may choose to do it yourself - at no cost from us.


Implement your own integrations using our powerful API

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