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Orange Cinéma Séries (OCS) makes premium films and series available on-demand, on practically every connected device in France. OCS does this at scale, quality and speed, and counts on BeBanjo to help run the show.

About Orange Cinéma Séries

OCS provides a set of linear channels, as well as one of the largest subscription-VOD (SVOD) services in France, with over one million subscribers. It is part of the Orange group (formerly France Télécom), one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with over 100 licensors.

OCS distributing selected premium content 24 hours after US broadcast is an important marketing feature (branded “US+24”) and a strong answer to piracy.

But operating non-linear services under such tight timelines is a big challenge, and BeBanjo provides some of the key tools to address it.

OCS's website

OCS's website always up to date on great TV shows from the US

OCS and BeBanjo

OCS uses an integrated solution provided by BeBanjo and Cognacq-Jay Image for its on-demand media operations.

Movida takes care of the ingest of content metadata and scheduling. Via Sequence, the next steps are then handed over to Cognacq-Jay Image’s systems where the technical operations tasks such as provisioning and transcoding are handled.

Once the technical workflow is complete, Cognacq-Jay Image’s systems update BeBanjo’s and the scheduled content is automatically published using Metadata.

OCS's workflow

Workflow management in Sequence

BeBanjo's Sequence orchestrates the media processing work to be performed by Cognacq-Jay Image: content provisioning, transcoding to multiple profiles and delivery to the platforms. Integrations with OCS and Cognacq-Jay Image are based on BeBanjo’s web service APIs, and allow for high automation. Business-as-usual is performed with no human intervention.

But when exceptions occur (e.g. a subtitles file is not conformed, or source video materials are missing), Sequence provides a powerful user interface for all parties to assign, escalate and resolve issues. OCS and Cognacq-Jay Image share a real-time view of the work, which is correctly prioritised, and highlights any problems.

Learn more about Sequence

Dashboard in Sequence

The dashboard in Sequence shows the status of media operations

Metadata automates publication

OCS publishes content to all key platforms in France: Orange’s own platforms, CanalSat, Numericable, SFR, etc. Each platform expects metadata in a different format, some adapted from industry standards (e.g., CableLabs), some entirely bespoke.

BeBanjo's Metadata solves the problem effectively for OCS. It performs metadata validation and transformation to the specification of each platform. It highlights metadata validation errors at the point of scheduling, typically weeks ahead of publication.

BeBanjo's Metadata framework has made it possible to implement OCS-specific business logic. For instance, truncation of overlong synopses, or mapping of genres from one taxonomy to another, have been automated following OCS’ business rules. The result is a high-quality and efficient service, running at scale with minimum user intervention.

Metadata validation error

Example of a metadata validation error

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